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  1. Build Core Strength In Less Time While Getting a Full Body Workout
  2. Burn More Calories & Fat with Unstable Shifting Material
  3. Improve Flexibility and Retrain Muscles – Forgotten in Standard Routines – Simultaneously
  4. Reduce Pain By Balancing Muscles Movements to Take Stress Off the Body
  5. More Variety of Challenging and Fun Workouts

Who is Josh

Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, has been a leader in the fitness and sports performance industry for the past 20 years. Coach Henkin began to develop his innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ (DVRT) in 2005. The success of Coach Henkin’s DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag™ program has allowed him the opportunity to lecture and write extensively in the variable resistance and functional based training.

Coach Henkin is a best-selling author, writing three books, as well as having published over 100 articles. His work has been seen in mainstream publications such as “Men’s Health”, “Experience Life Magazine”, “SWAT Magazine”, “SHAPE Magazine”, “Testosterone Magazine”, and “The Crossfit Journal”.

Teaching is one of Coach Henkin’s greatest joys as he has been able to bring his DVRT program to over fifteen countries worldwide as well as being an speaker at several international conferences. In 2009, Coach Henkin received the great honor of developing the program “SELECTED” which he was commissioned by the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion to aid in their selection process.

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Simply $14.99 Today

(and then $14.99 a month for 12 months after that)

*Regional based VAT may be applied to your order total. You are able to cancel at any time.

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Praise for Josh and ultimate Sandbag Products...

Even with what I would consider a light load, the Ultimate Sandbag created an incredible challenge that was unlike conventional weight training.

It also caused a level of deep muscle soreness that I hadn't felt in a very long time.

Adam Campbell
Author of The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises

Just over two weeks of training with me my client has already lost 11 pounds. It's not always easy, but it's definitely worth it!! Thanks Ultimate Sandbags DVRT!

Dio Vujich
  Dallas Personal Trainer

I have gotten my sandbags (combo of power bag and strength bag) in the mail and they are GORGEOUS! I love that they are S) soft/smooth feeling and the gips are great on the hands (I sold two sandbags of your rough and uncomfortable to work with so it was discouraging to use them...and a whole 400lb weight set that I used very very rarely in order to buy your sandbags).

Seeing and feeling the bags for real and trying them out has convinced me they are WORTH it...and for less than a one year gym membership here locally!”

Tina Bragdon

I just finished my first week of the immortal workout!!!!! I LOVE it!!! I just recently made a very hard but wise decision to cancel my Crossfit membership. I have ALL kinds of workout gear at home that was just collecting dust(including my ultimate sandbag)......Well I've wiped the dust off of it and I've been in awe at what a wonderful piece of workout equipment your sandbag is!!!!!!!It's SO versatile!!!!!! My core is my weak point & after only one using your sandbag for one week(3times)......I can already feel the difference! My back pain is gone & I'm actually starting to feel stronger.

Tanya Montgomery

Loving my new sandbag! So worth the money, if I could only pick one piece of equipment, I would most likely go for my "Sandy" :-)

Nina Vachková

Thanks Josh for the Ultimate Sandbag and all the different workout programs. I love it. You have changed my way of thinking about exercising and functional strength. I have become stronger and have had less knee/back pain since starting your program. I just recently completed The Goruck Challenge, which is an endurance event lasting 11hrs, covering 18 miles carrying a 40lb backpack. We carried numerous odd shaped objects including sandbags during the challenge. I'm convinced your program got me through this because it strengthened my core and stabilizer muscles and got me used to lifting these objects with proper form. I am a firm believer in the Ultimate Sandbag and will continue to follow your program and grow ! Thanks again.

Matthew Brander

Working out with the “Ultimate Sandbag” is unique, I feel like I am working harder (trust me YOU feel it the next day ) and getting more done, in less time, so I can easily fit it into my day. It also feels pretty great to let out some aggression and throw around some weight on stressful days!!
Exercise variations and workout possibilities are endless. The “Ultimate Sandbag” is GREAT, as it almost replaces everything you would find in a traditional gym, making it the PERFECT at home or take anywhere tool!

Nicole Nordli

Wanted to let you know that I have been so thrilled with the Ultimate Sandbags, I have completely ditched any other type of training since they arrived in December. Funny thing is that I have discovered that I have been over training period with them recently - and that's because they are so much fun I kept piling on exercises. I knew from reading Josh's posts that less is more.... but I had to learn that the hard way.

Frankly, I don't know what I would be doing now exercise-wise if I had not discovered your sandbags. After my elbow became so painful that I was only doing lower body work this fall, I was afraid that at some point I would be so bored that I might just give up and do nothing after awhile. And I am so NOT a person who could spend any amount of time on a treadmill, elliptical, etc. A physical therapist friend of mine actually suggested that I just do power walking and be happy with that. I think the implication was that at my age I should expect less from my body. No way!

In short, sandbags have given me a whole new outlook on fitness after years of doing everything from bodybuilding type stuff (in the 80's and early 90's - despite being a hard gainer who could only hope to look "stringy" at best), swimming, Tae Kwan Do, (realized pretty quickly I had no interest sparring with 9 year olds in a structured class), kick boxing (didn't last long - ouch!) ... well you get the picture. "Lifting" was the one thing I kept coming back to that I enjoyed, could do on my own and not around a class schedule, and that pitted me against myself instead of being competitive. It's great to have a method of working out that you're so excited about you don't mind blasting out of bed at 5:30 AM”

Lee Dellinger

Simply $14.99 Today

(and then $14.99 a month for 12 months after that)

*Regional based VAT may be applied to your order total. You are able to cancel at any time.

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